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Director: Zhang Yimou

Born on November 14,1950 in Xi'an,Shanxi Province,China.
His personal achievements:
In 1995,Montreal International Film Festival,Canada:One of the 10 Eminent Directors in the word;
In 1995,Hawaii Film Festival,USA:Permanent Achievement Award:
In 1995,Colorado International Film Festival USA:Outstanding Achievement Award:
ln 1995,Entertainment Weekly,USA:One of the 20 Greatest Directors in present Word;
In 1998,Time,USA:Men of the Year;
In 1999,The 6 Asian Film Exchange Fair:Permanent Achievement Award:
In 2000,Palm Springs International Film Festival,USA:Outstanding Filmmaker Award;
In 2000,Film Periodical,Japan:The Best Foreign Director
ln 2001,Readers of Film Periodical,Japan:The Best Foreign Director;
In 2002,The 13th Fukuoka Culture Prizes,Japan:Grand Prize;
In 2002,Mannhem Municipal Government and Mannheim International Film Festival,Germany:Movie Master Award;
In 2002,Southern California Movie Commission,USA:Super Golden Star:
In 2002,The Association for the 2nd Generation,New York,USA:Elite Award.
In 2008, as the chief director of Beijing 2008 Olympics Games Opening Ceremony
His main works:Red Sorghum,Judou,The Highly Hang Red Lantern,Living,A Lawsuit Case,We Need to Talk,No One Left Behind,My Parents,Heroes,etc.



Director: Wang Chaoge

  In 1995,her first opera The Soul of the Chinese Nation achieved great success in the Great Hall of People in  Beijing,and lay a good foundation for her position in art circle,After that,her achievements are including Create Tomorrow Together ;Step Up to The New Era,The Dream of Life,In The Name of Peace,Everything is For You,Come with the Wish,The impression Of Spring,In the Sun,Happy Lijiang,2004 Spring Festival’s,Evening Party hosted by……The Ceremony for the Logo of 2008 Beijing Olympic,all these reflect her works style with poetic flavor and  philosophic thinking.
“Every time is new” is also another character of  Wang Chaoge,works.With her vigorous inspiration,she is regarded as the most creative film director by the critics.



   Director: Fan Yue

   During his over 20 years experience in the field of stage,he produces nearly 100 excellent works,and many of them have won some important rewards in China.With  simplicity and magnificence as his works style,and colorful and diversified in form  his works have very high academic value.
   His representative works:The Soul of Nation, the Soul of Army,The Great Long March,Reviewed by Motherland,Beautiful Guilin,The dairy of a Soldier,Step Up to The Spring,In the Name of Peace. Everything is For You,Come with the Wish,The impression of Spring,In the Sun,the Closing ceremony of Boao for Asia,Happy Lijiang,2004 Spring Festival’s Evening Party hosted by……,The Ceremony for the Logo of 2008 Beijing Olympic.



Producer: Mei Shuaiyuan

This would be the performance you had never experienced.
  Stretched 2 kilometers’ Long in the Li River, 12 mountain peaks as the background, and the vast sky,all these make up of the biggest scenery theatre in the world, In this masterpiece created by God,a brand new real scenery Stage performance is born.
  The traditional stage performance is the creation of human being,but the real scenery stage performance is jointly created by human being and God. Nobody knows how any years this beautiful land has been waiting for in the rain and wind; its beauty is just born for us, for our performance.
  It is my great pleasure to invite Mr. Zhang Yimou as this performance’s director, his well—known talented and creative spirit makes this performance possible. As he thinks, God is the green, is the harmonious relation between man and the nature, is the beautiful mood, this broad green notion promote the environmental protection awareness to a spiritual level, and guide this performance to a harmonious atmosphere between man and the nature.
  Here I would also like to express my gratitude to another two directors, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue, with their passion and capability, this real scenery stage performance turn into reality. Moreover, all the music, dancing, lights, garments are designed by well-known artists in China, I believe, they are chosen by God, not by the produce.
  In the five years period of creation,the performance has gone through many, many times’ revision, every time, we are getting closer to the true essence. Here the total efforts are try to make perfect and harmonious combination between man and the nature.